Win A Canon 600D or Nikon D90, iPad 2 or 1TB WD Caviar Blue HDD

This contest is really simple and free to play!
The objective is to find an unpainted tile on the mural
consisting of 15,984 tiles and paint it

Step 1. Find an unpainted tile
Painted tiles are already taken by other contestants.
Unpainted tiles are untaken. Simply look for an unpainted tile and click on it.

Step 2. Enter a message
Then enter a short message telling us why WD is your
preferred hard drive.

Step 3. Spread the word
Finally, share the contest with your friends and family to
increase your chances of winning! That's all! Have fun and
good luck!

Judging Criteria
Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
(a) how well the post is written -- 50%
(b) whether the post conveys an original sentiment -- 30%; and
(c) whether you shared the Contest with your friends -- 20%**

**Note that the maximum number of individuals you can share the Contest with through the Contest Website is twenty(20), and that Sponsor does not encourage or promote, nor does it incentivize and provide additional points to, those who share the Contest with more than twenty (20) individuals.[RP1]