USB Lunchbox Warmer


  • Let your warm packed lunch leave you and your tummy happy with a USB Lunchbox Warmer.
  • This cool and magical USB Lunchbox Warmer will instantly heat your food with just the use of a USB. Just put your container inside the Lunchbox, directly plug the power cord to the USB port in your laptop and celebrate the warmth of your nutritional and sumptuous lunch.
  • It’s durable and easy to carry so with just the power of a laptop or any PC, you can bring the warm goodness of any meal anytime, anywhere.
  • Specs:
  • Description: USB heating Lunchbox
  • Voltage Rating: 5V
  • Material: Nylon oxford and carbon fiber
  • Power Rating: 4W
  • Temperature variation range: 50-60

USB Lunchbox Warmer USB Lunchbox Warmer USB Lunchbox Warmer USB Lunchbox Warmer USB Lunchbox Warmer


Most of the time, in the middle of the day, we already feel exhausted and extremely hungry for lunch. With this kind of feeling, you’ll want to gorge on something so delicious and satisfying just to let us survive another tiring day ahead of us. By the time we open our packed lunch, we just witness hints of saturated fats all over the container and just taste the coldness instead of the flavour we expect. All these horrific lunch scenarios will be gone with a USB Lunchbox Warmer. With the magic of technology, you can insert the power plug into the USB port of your laptop or PC, then abracadabra, your packed lunch will be as warm and savoury as you want it to be. Buy now and let the happy lunch time begin.

In Detail

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