Touch pen and Joystick

Pimp your gadgets with a Universal Stylus Pen, Free Metro Manila Delivery (valued at P350)


  • Make full use of your smart phones and tablet PCs, whether for messaging or gaming purposes, with the Itech Universal Stylus Pen and Joystick-It arcade stick.
  • With the use of the nifty Itech Universal Stylus Pen, you’ll be able to keep your screen free from scratches and finger prints.
  • The tip of the stylus is smaller, making it more precise than our fingertips.
  • It’s lightweight, easy to carry, compact, and has an easy clip design, making it easy for you to hide it in your pocket, diary, bag, or diary.
  • This stylus pen has a soft head to protect the screen of your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and other touch screen phones and tablets.
  • Retractable Stylus Pen can be attached to your phone/gadgets.
  • Available in two designs: Stylus Pen and Retractable Stylus Pen.
  • Size:
  • 11 cm (Stylus Pen)
  • 7.5 cm/5.5 (Retractable Stylus Pen)
  • Enhance your gaming experience with the Joystick-It arcade sticks for touchscreen phones or tablets.
  • The removable and repositionable Joystick-It works with a variety of games on touch smart phones and tablet PCs.
  • Works with any game playable with an on-screen control pad of any kind such as those that use swiping, swipe-style joypads, joypads with variable on-screen locations or complex finger based gestures.
  • Just stick this little device on your phone or tablet PC screen, no wires or batteries needed. It works for any game with virtual control pads of some kind.
  • Product is made of lightweight solid milled-aluminum construction for a more precise movement and faster response.
  • Get your thumb a better grip with its laser-etched crosshair design top.
  • Simply pull the joystick when done; will not harm screen.


Gadgets and electronic devices are getting smaller and more advanced by the hour. Sadly, your fingers are not getting any slimmer and faster for your narrow touch keypads. Keep your chubby digits up with the times via a Universal Stylus Pen and Joystick-It for enhanced gadget performance and more fun, that is. Nail drawing and speed messaging using the Universal Stylus Pen that works with every kind of touch smart phone or tablet PC. Be an ace gamer; perform precise slashes and swipes using the Joystick-It arcade stick in large or small sizes. Via this hi-tech Ensogo treat, there will be no need for finger exercises just to make your digits fit onto those touch pads.

In Detail

  • Voucher is valid for Touch Pen and Joystick-It.
    • 1 Universal Stylus Pen for P179 (minimum of 2) (valued at P350)
    • 1 Joystick-It arcade stick for touchscreen phone for P299 (valued at P699)
    • 1 Joystick-It arcade stick for tablets for P299 (valued at P699)
    • 1 Universal Stylus Pen and 1 Joystick-It arcade stick for touchscreen phone for P429 (valued at P1049)
    • 1 Universal Stylus Pen and 1 Joystick-It arcade stick for tablets for P429 (valued at P1049)
  • Voucher holders can expect their purchases to be delivered from June 18, 2012 to August 18, 2012.
  • Unlimited voucher purchase per person.
  • Free delivery within Metro Manila. For deliveries outside Metro Manila, additional charge may apply.
  • Note: Please pay courier the said amount upon delivery. No payment, no release of item.
  • Standard Ensogo terms:
    • Voucher is transferable and may be given as gift.
    • Price is inclusive of service charge and VAT.
    • All paid transactions are non-refundable.
    • Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with senior citizen card, and any discount card or promotion.
    • Voucher is valid as a discount coupon.
    • Failure to redeem vouchers within validity period will render the vouchers invalid.
  • Please present your Ensogo receipt when receiving the item. In lieu of the receipt, a valid ID can be presented.
  • If the voucher is transferred or the receipt-holder is not present to claim the item, the receipt or an authorization letter and a valid ID must be presented.