Bravia SO-883

USB-powered Bravia Platinum SO-883 Mini Speakers. FREE DELIVERY.

What we love

  • The Bravia Platinum SO-885 Mini Speakers delivers surprising sound fidelity in a compact form-factor.
  • Package includes a free 14” laptop keyboard protector.
  • Portable and handy.
  • Perfect for desktops, laptops and portable players.
  • Simple plug & play stereo speakers.
  • USB-powered speakers. No external power cords needed.
  • Choose from the hot Black/Red combo or the cool White/Blue/Black color theme.
  • Option for pick-up or delivery.

Bravia SO-883

About the deal

It may look small to you, but not to the ears who hears it. Brace yourself as CashCashPinoy gives you a quick sound fix this decibel-pumping deal. – Only P384 instead of P590 for the Bravia Platinum SO-883Mini Speakers! Available in Black, Red or Red/Blue design plus, get a free 14” laptop keyboard protector. Enjoy rich and clear sounds from such a cute pair of thisterrifi-cutie audio gear! FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE!

The Bravia Platinum SO-883 Mini Speakers work well with almost all gadgets with USB ports, particularly for laptops, desktops and portable music & video players. Take pleasure in its clarity and well-balanced 2.0 Stereo Sound. With no complex instructions to follow, the Bravia Platinum SO-883 Mini Speakers just needs to be plugged into your computer or player using its USB cable to relish your favorite music or movies.

This sound gadget is also efficient for presentations, and reports. Amplify your work rhythm by bringing it everywhere for those surprise office meetings. The Bravia Platinum SO-883 Mini Speakers comes in feisty red-black combo and cool white-black-blue combo to add some good vibes to your workspace.

Intensify your decibel level bypumping up the volume with Bravia Platinum SO-883Mini Speakers. Amplify your life with exciting deals only from CashCashPinoy.

Bravia SO-883

What to know

  • Delivery will start on July 4, 2012 to July 11, 2012
  • Provide a shipping address upon checkout for Free Delivery
  • Pick-Up available from July 4, 2012 to July 18, 2012
  • Pick-Up at CashCashPinoy office, Mondays to Fridays during office hours (10AM to 5PM)
  • Not valid with other offers