Canon EOS 1100D complete kit! Includes kit lens and more! FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING

What we love

  • Perfect DSLR for beginner and hobby photographers!
  • Zoom and manually focus with ease with the included basic 18-55mm kit lens!
  • Complete package includes 4gb SD memory card, strap, and camera bag!
  • Exterior qualities include a solid body, sturdy build, and shiny surface! All in all, a beautiful device!
  • Advanced settings include aperture, shutter speed, ISO levels, white balance adjustments and so much more!
  • Built-in Basic creative point-and-shoot mode for easy, hassle-free shooting!
  • Captures great details with 12-megapixel resolution photos and high definition 720p videos!
  • 1-YEAR Service Warranty!

About the deal

Today, ladies and gents, we're putting a name to that frustration you have with your point-and-shoot camera: It's called "bokeh" or that blurred background thing on other people's photos that you envy so much (admit it, you do)! Maybe it's time you up your game and finally lay your trigger-happy hands on your own DSLR care of this exclusive CashCashPinoy offer: P25,999 for a Canon 1100D DSLR camera kit with 18-55mm lens PLUS 4gb SD Card, strap, and bag! It's the complete package to get you on your way to being a snappy happy shutterbug!

Now, let's talk details! Canon 1100D DSLR is the most fun you'll have moving from your plain and boring digicam to a more advanced camera. It's got a solid, strong, and shiny body so you won't feel intimidated about using it at all! You can choose to balancing all its advanced settings like aperture, shutter speed, ISO levels, white balance while composing your shot or you can just go with the built-in Basic creative point-and-shoot mode. With this mode, you can snap photos like a pro without going through all the toggles and switches! This will give you all the time you need to master the variety of controls at your disposal without having to miss that crucial shot of, say, your friend blowing his/her birthday candle!

You'll also get generous detail whether you're snapping a photo or even taking a video with this thing. Why? Because it shoots great photos at 12-megapixel resolution, so you can zoom and crop all the unwanted photo bombers from last night's party and not miss a single detail of your friend's smashing outfit or winning smile! Similarly, with the high definition 720p movie recording, you'll get footage that's crisp, sharp, and bright enough to project on movie theaters if you so dare! Either way, still or motion, you're bound to capture a lot of great memories in excruciating detail with your new DSLR!

Finally, we get to the part you're interested in the most: the lens. This set includes the perfect walk around lens,18-55 kit lens, which under the right conditions, will get you that blurred background you've been aiming for! Just a tip: Make sure you have enough light and that your subject is near enough! And also: Use no flash! You'll learn how all this works once you open yourself up to the world of advanced digital photography, so get your gear care of this special CashCashPinoy offer now and snap away!

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