The New iMac, Magic Mouse - First Impressions

The new iMac is out and its packed with features old and new. But perhaps the most noticeable would be the new Magic Mouse and the huge ass screens. Here are my impressions after reading a bit and seeing the video ad.

The screen boasts full HD capability and more. But what most caught my attention was the environmental attributes of the new Mac. I love how big companies are saying that they are so very concerned with the environment. Its nice to see them target a new market and look like they are thinking of naturedoing their own part for the environment. After reducing and eliminating harmful substances and optimizing energy efficiency, another thing that would be desirable is to see them minimize manufacturing waste. I mean, yes my machine is energy efficient and doesn't have harmful substances, but what if is used up a ton of energy and generated a mountain of waste materials when it was manufactured? Not much sense no? I guess we're not quite there yet.

And the mouse. I'm guessing its going to have mixed reactions. Of course fanboys are going to worship it and say how sleek, sexy and innovative it is. The momentum scrolling is good and all - giving it an iPhone/iPod Touch feel. For me, not so much. Having a multi-touch mouse seems a little overkill no? I love my regular three-button optical mouse with a click-wheel. Its like, if its not broken, don't fix it. Its like a luxury mouse - certainly not for the regular computer user. Besides, wireless mice and keyboards = additional batteries which means spending more unnecessary energy. So much for the environment.