How To Install Fonts On Windows Xp

Installing fonts is very easy for Windows Xp.

Before you use different and fancy fonts: if you are going to use Font AAA on your Word document or PowerPoint presentation and you are going to use that document or presentation at different computer, Font AAA should also be installed on that computer.

Here is how to install a font:

1. Get your font file. You can download it for free or buy it depending on the source. Your font file should be a .TTF or .FON file. When you download files, they sometimes come in zipped formats like .ZIP or .RAR files. All you have to is unzip them using WinRAR or WinZip.

2. Once you have your font file, open your Control Panel. Start > Control Panel. Then if theres a Switch To Classic View option at the left, click on it. Then open the Fonts folder. The last step is to move or copy your font file into that folder.

After that, the font should be available on the different applications on your computer.