Download Snow Leopard MAC OS X 10.6 FREE

Do you want to download the Snow Leopard update for your Mac?

I am not an avid Mac user for several reasons. There is the price, the incompatibility issues and more. More importantly; my more compatible, cheaper Windows machine still does everything I need my computer to do. That's also the reason I tend to ignore any news or new information I find on Mac.

But with the release of Snow Leopard, the release of Apple's latest update on Mac is a little hard do ignore. Its on every tech blog/news website.

Prices of upgrade are relatively cheap but still free downloads are all over the web. Torrent sites are already hosting torrents for the upgrade disc. Haven't tried to check it though as I am not using a Mac machine.

But for only $30 for the upgrade, why download for free? Guys get the legit version. From what I am reading, its pretty good.