How To Login Using Two Accounts At The Same Time on ANY Website.

Many websites will tell you that you can only log-in using only one account at time. And this is mostly true. Once you are logged-in on a website, you cannot log-in using s different account. Your browser is telling that website that you are logged-in.

How do we work around this? The answers is very simple really. Since its the browser telling the website that you are logged-in, all we need to do is use a different browser.

Its like my Firefox is telling Yahoo! that I am logged-in as user John Doe. So if I have two Yahoo! accounts and want to log-in at the same time, I get my Google Chrome and go to Yahoo! and log-in as Mr. Smith.

So if you have more browsers, you can use those to log-in with more different accounts. A few of the most popular browsers are:

I included IE but for the love of God, please stay away from it as much as you can.