How To Mount A Disc Image

Let's mount a disc image using Daemon Tools. Mounting a disc images makes your computer think that there is an actual disc inserted on your machine even though there is none. All you need is the disc image which you created from an actual disc or you downloaded. Disc imaging and mounting has several uses including gaming.

First, launch Daemon Tools. It should appear on your System Tray.


Then click (left-click) on the icon and choose Device 0: [ E: ] No Media
(it is not always going to say that , but you should get a similar choices and you'll know what to click on)

You will then be prompted to look for a disc image. Locate the disc image on your computer and click on Open. If all is well, a new window will open showing the contents of the new disc you have mounted. You will also see the new disc on your My Computer window.