How To Download Internet Videos | Easy Way

There are several ways to download videos from YouTube or other websites but I'll be discussing the easiest ways I know:

Use Video Download Helper. (Firefox Only)
(For non-Firefox users or for those who don't want to install an add-on, scroll down to the next topic )

Click on Add to Firefox and install the add-on. Then restart Firefox. You should have these icons at the bottom of your browser now.

I suggest using the icon at the bottom.


As long as any media is embedded on a web page, Video Download Helper can download it. (with the exception of a few sites like Hulu)


For non-Firefox users or for those who don't want to to install an add-on:

Use Clipnabber.

Based on experience, I was having some trouble with the MP4 download. If the same thing happens to you, just download the FLV and convert it later.

Clipnabber supports several video sharing sites as well: