How To Burn PS2 Games | Easy Way

We will use Nero as it is one of the most popular and its still working for me so far.

Additional Tools:
Daemon Tools

If you downloaded a PS2 game (provided that you have an original copy) it is almost always in a disc image format or zipped format.

How to tell if its a disc image:
If the file extension is any of the following:

*.iso (most popular)
*.mds / *.mdf

These three are the most popular. But if you encounter other file types, you can check if it is a disc image by mounting it on Daemon Tools.

To burn a disc image:
(downloaded or if you have a disc image you created to backup your game)

Launch Nero Express.


Then locate the image file on your hard drive.
After you have located your image, click on Open.


Click on the <<-- arrow.

Then Choose the following options:


Choosing the slowest speed will make the burning process longer but it will increase your chances of a successful, clean burn.

If you have any of the following from downloading:

Unzip the file first using Winrar. You will then get a disc image then you can follow the steps indicated above.

If you downloaded several files with almost identical file names, just place all the files in one folder and unzip ONLY ONE of the files. You will get a disc image then you can follow the steps above.

If you are having trouble burning a disc image, you can try the following:

Launch Daemon Tools. it should appear in your System Tray.

Then mount the disc image using Daemon Tools.

After your have mounted the image, launch Nero and follow the steps in creating a disc image. But change a few options: